Introduction to Jorchime

At the foot of the Jura mountains, I was thinking a lot about how things sound. I am a Software Developer, Physicist and Musician and will probably always go between these fields. But this also leads to ever-changing pet projects and I felt a need for cohesion and convergence between them. This is why I decided to look for an umbrella that groups all of these projects together, such that every new project finds a place under it. This is a tactic of working on interesting, loosely related, projects, but still contribute to one common goal, that is allowed to develop itself over time in a bottom-up fashion. That umbrella is Jorchime.

What to Expect

The main goal is to make music. This is why I want to build tools for audio engineers, composers, and myself when I am wearing these hats. Those tools could be realised in hardware or software, since both address the same need for tinkering. I hope that these projects can draw from my background in data analysis and research as well. Besides the engineering part, it is also interesting to look at best practices and workflows for composition, production, and promotion. All of these considerations form the basis I want to build upon, so we will have to see how the music will sound in the end.

A Bit of History

This blog is the very first result of my Jorchime approach to deal with pet projects. I was interested in how static site generators work, which is why I started looking at Hugo. It was also a perfect chance to brush up my knowledge of web programming languages in general since I was mostly involved with a computing-focused perspective on programming. When similar interests came up before, I used to look at the getting started material and stop after a while, because of missing reasons to apply it to something specific. This time, by pooling my interests, the reason became building a blog as a front for the rest.

I have the feeling that this is the time for some closing remarks, but instead, I want to point out this neat TL;DR feature:

Lets put all music related things I do in a box and call it Jorchime
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